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Beach is a shore of a body of water covered by sand, gravel, or larger rock fragments

If you are one of those people who love the beach, the sea, the sun, here are some tips that you should follow before and after going to the beach.

Before the Beach
– You should wear light clothes that you feel comfortable with, remember that there will be sun and fun.
– Use sunscreen on the body, one that is a high protection filter; high temperatures can damage your body.
– Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.
– When you are on the beach you should check the flag, because if you see a red flag, do not go into the water; it is dangerous. If you see a green flag, the beach is safe. If you see an orange, you have to be careful; it means precaution.
– It is forbidden to eat several meals before entering the sea, because the food can give you cramps.
– If you do not know how to swim and want to have fun in the sea, do not go too far out. Stay near the shore.
– If you know how to swim, do not go to places where there are many rocks, you can suffer an accident.
– If you have children, always be alert and do not neglect them, they may be lost or worse they may enter the sea.
– Take umbrellas to avoid being exposed to the sun all the time.
– And most important, take care of the environment, do not leave garbage.

After the Beach
– Rinse your hair and your whole body thoroughly because the water is salty and will ruin your hair if it is not properly rinsed.
– If you are one of the people who dyes your hair, after going to the beach, you have to wait several days before dyeing it again because it has to regenerate before being exposing it to another agent.
– When exposing your body to the sun there will be many dead cells in your skin, so you must exfoliate it. You can do it naturally using sugar with honey.
– If you notice that your body has tanned too much and you feel pain in the skin, and it is pink, you have to apply tomato slices on the damaged, reddish part, to cool the skin.
– After going to the beach you should not use makeup on your face, it will look like you have spots on your face.
– If you have very delicate skin, do not expose yourself much to the sun, stay under an umbrella.
– Wear masks that refresh your skin. With all these recommendations you are now ready or ready to enjoy a wonderful vacation.

Top 10 beach destinations
Sun, Sea, Sand and SAFETY

In terms of relaxation and really getting away from the world, you can’t beat a beach holiday. There’s something about sun, sea, and sand that drives our cares from the world and lets us truly unwind from work and the day-to-day turmoil of life.

If you’re planning a beach getaway, an apartment, cottage, or villa is a great way to have a luxurious holiday at a fantastic price. And if you choose one of our top 10 great destinations you’ll get to enjoy some of the finest beaches the world has to offer too! From the luxurious to the budget friendly, and from the tropical to the temperate, we explore the very best beaches.

10. Spain
Spain is still the budget destination for coastal holidays. The beaches are beautiful – if busy – the towns and cities are some of the most culturally vibrant in the world, the atmosphere is energetic, and the sun never seems to hide! From the bustling Costa del Sol to the quieter Costa Brava, Spain has an incredible amount to offer.

9. Thailand
Thailand has a wide choice of perfect tropical beaches, both on the mainland and on the islands of Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi islands, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Phangan. Discover gorgeous scenery with impressive cliffs and tropical views, with the advantage of clear waters and interesting marine life for snorkeling or diving.

8. Mauritius
Mauritius is a luxury destination where idyllic beaches are guaranteed. The weather can be relied upon almost any time of year, so there is no better reason to swap the gloomy climes of the UK for the paradise island of Mauritius. The beaches are beautiful and clean, and the waters are warm and inviting.

7. Cornwall
Despite being unable to guarantee tropical weather, Cornwall really is a fantastic beach holiday destination. The traditional Victorian seaside towns of the south coast and the sprawling sands of the north make Cornwall a very popular spot. It boasts the best surf in the UK and by far our most beautiful, idyllic, and exciting beaches.

6. Bahamas
The Bahamas are one of the most popular luxury beach escapes in the world for a number of reasons. The beaches are perfect, the sea life is incredible, the island is modern and luxurious, and the food is delicious. The sandy beaches here offer you a true glimpse of paradise!

5. Cote d’Azur
The stunning Cote d’Azur is famous as a playground for the rich and famous, from the film festival at Cannes to the casino at Monte Carlo. And you can see why, with perfect beaches and magnificent seaside towns. Inland you can explore historic sites and rolling sun-bathed countryside.

4. Australia
Australia’s beaches are the stuff of legend thanks to coral reefs, some of the world’s best surf, and the sheer scale of their sands and beauty. Australia is a gorgeous country, and a beach holiday here offers you a perfect mixture of relaxation and sightseeing in the outback.

3. Brazil
Brazil is famous for its breathtaking beaches throughout the country. It’s not as popular as many of our other top beach destinations but it is well worth a journey for more adventurous travellers. The sights on offer are staggering, from lush rainforests to the sprawling urban life of Rio de Janeiro.

2. Cancun
Cancun in Mexico is one of the most popular resort and villa destinations in the world, thanks to beautiful tropical weather, vast white sandy beaches, and crystal blue waters. Throughout the region you can explore ancient Mayan temples, tropical lagoons, mangrove inlets, and picturesque waterfalls and sinkholes.

1. Florida
Florida has it all; warm weather, beautiful isolated islands, vast swathes of sandy shores, cities with beaches, breathtaking national parks and, of course, add all these together and you can see why it’s the most popular family beach destination in the world for good.

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