10 Holiday Options Made For Autumn

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10 Holiday Options Made For Autumn
Feeling that end of summer pain? We all know it, that crushing wave of foreboding that looms large on the horizon as we approach the end of August and another Irish summer is officially marked in the books. We’ve had a decent run this summer, but the inevitable rain, wind and 6pm (and earlier) sunsets aren’t far away.

Suddenly, October becomes a massively popular time of year for a quick getaway to stave off the anxiety of leaving and returning from work in under the cover of darkness for the winter. That’s why we’ve put our globetrotting ways to good use and come up with 10 Best October Destinations, ranked from cheapest to most expensive and with more than a close eye on the weather. Time to start planning…

Lisbon, Portugal
A gorgeous port city, steeped in a sense of adventure and love of travel from the days of Magellan and Vasco De Gama, Lisbon is arguably Western Europe’s crown jewel in October with temperatures remaining in the early to mid twenties, very little rain compared to the rest of Western Europe and noticeably cheaper too.

Food & Drink in the city is up to 30% cheaper than in Dublin with drinks €3 and a 3-course meal in certain local restaurants hitting around €20 without a compromise on taste.

The Stadio de Luz is a must visit for a Benfica game too and a number of high-quality golf courses aren’t far away if that’s your vice.

Ibiza, Spain
We recently featured Lisa’s 30 Reasons To Go To Ibiza At 30 which goes a long way to prove that the infamous party island isn’t just about the nightclubs and superstar DJ’s.

What you’ll find in October is pleasant sunshine, much cheaper prices and an opportunity to explore the quieter parts of the island that were simply made for bike rides.

Packages with USIT to the island are currently available in October for 7-Nights at a steal of €295 including flights and accommodation.
*Frantically asks for time off work to book

Athens, Greece
The struggles of the Greek economy are well documented but the upside from a tourism perspective is another cheap holiday destination, with off-peak pricing in October in a city that is a culture vulture’s dream.

Temperatures remain in the twenties throughout October as the scorching summer heat subsides and becomes much more comfortable. The beauty of an Athens break, especially in October is a general reduction in accommodation prices both in the city, and across the surrounding island resorts after the summer rush has come and gone. In fact, you can enjoy 8 Days, takin in Athens and Santorini for just €375 per person ex-flights! Wow, that’s cheap.

Boston, New England
Autumn is a pretty beautiful season for your camera lens to get busy and we’re not sure there is any city that looks as good as Boston as the leave turn brown.

The Boston Commons and Public Gardens glow a million shades of yellow, orange and brown as do the views, reflecting off the Charles River and a trip to the Harvard Yard is another must in Autumn. It’s not just the city which needs to be explored in Autumn as the entirety of New England looks like a landscaped canvas so rent a car and get exploring with our Fly/Drive package from just €549.

Vancouver, Canada
Recently voted the 3rd Best City To Live In 2016, Vancouver isn’t just an emigrant’s dream, it’s a special holiday destination in it’s own right, especially for lovers of the great outdoors. But don’t get the wrong idea, THIS IS NOT A SUN holiday.

Storm tourism is becoming less and less of an oddity and now considered a viable sightseeing pursuit in its own right and Vancouver Island and Tofino October boasts some astonishingly powerful weather and pretty awe-inspiring to watch. We’ve already raved about watching the 20ft waves and crack of lightning in one of Tofino’s storm hotels and in October, you are practically guaranteed a show from the comfort of a panoramic viewing cabin, a fire and a glass of whiskey. I’m sold.

Stay in the 5-star Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre for 5 nights plus flights from as little as €765 per person.

Bali, Indonesia
Is there a bad time of the year to visit this idyllic paradise? Honest answer – no, there isn’t. Is there a best time to visit Bali? Well, October would absolutely make it on the podium at least.

Temperatures in October are a pretty much perfect 27 degrees on average and although the month officially heralds the start of monsoon season, the tropical rains generally hit much later into November.

Bali offers incredible value, particularly in October with a 10-night all-inclusive 4-star package starting from just €812 per person! Want to get the most out of a Bali break? Our intrepid traveller James is just back and here’s his Ultimate Guide to paradise in Indonesia.

Cape Town, South Africa
While Ireland is rapidly cooling down (if you could call being lukewarm to baltic ‘cooling’) and becoming miserable for 5 months, Cape Town is emerging from it;s rainy season and blossoms into life ready for holidaymakers to visit.

While temperatures are at their highest around Christmas, October marks the real month of change on the Cape as Table Mountain bursts into colour. Price of flights and accommodation remain more than reasonable too. You could book 10 Days in the 4-star Double Tree Hotel plus a vineyard and Penninsula Tour for €1089 per person.

Throw in a once in a lifetime Safari and you’ve just found yourself pure happiness while we all try to keep hold of the umbrellas in Ireland.

Dubrovnik and/or Kotor, Croatia & Montenegro
What more can you say about the walled city of Dubrovnik? Now experiencing worldwide acclaim as a travel destination owing to its beautiful weather, calm seas and picturesque beaches. October is arguably the best month of the year to visit as the crowds are nothing like that at the height of summer and the vineyard harvest produces some delicious wines. Word to the wise – the weather can turn approaching Halloween so early October is better than late.

Perhaps the best way to see Dubrovnik is via the sea, with 8-Day cruise options from €1080.

That’s not all, a hidden gem and favourite location of our agents is next door in neighbouring Montenegro – Kotor. A truly spectacular bay and humid weather in October make it a unique addition that’ll only grow in popularity as people get wise to its beauty. I mean, just look at it…

Goa, India
A stunningly beautiful part of India and probably the country’s most well known holiday destination, October sees the end of the rainy season (the later you leave it, the less chance of grey skies) and a lush, warm oasis emerges from the downpours of August and September.Goa, India

Be warned, Goa’s beach resorts in October can become pretty crowded affairs so for a more relaxing holiday, you may want to venture slightly further south. The region is also a nature lover’s dream with the ability to swim with dolphins, explore the jungles and visit the Butterfly Sanctuary of Ponda all close by.

Get your flights and 4-star accommodation sorted from €1189 per person depending on availability.

Looking to push the boat out and send your friends into a frenzied jealousy before Halloween? Spend a week on the perfect beaches of Mauritius in October, throwing in a quick city break in Dubai, all for €1779.

Mauritius is the ultimate in sun holidays at this time of the year with rain essentially non-existent and pleasant but not overbearing temperatures in the high twenties. The Indian Ocean oasis is almost exclusively resort based get away with relaxation a priority we can certainly live with!

So there you have it, 10 perfect destinations ranging from the cheap city break to the luxurious beach paradise to make October your favourite month of 2016 (and we didn’t even mention Munich’s legendary Oktoberfest!). Try staying in Ireland in October now, we dare ya… ( 2016 Src – usit .ie)

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