Top Romantic Winter Destinations in Europe

travelling europe in winter

Top Romantic Winter Destinations in Europe
Do you know when the cheapest time to travel on budget in Europe is? Winter is a great time to explore Europe on a shoestring budget.

Sure, during summer the gardens are open, the parks are green, and the beaches are crowded.

Winter is the ideal period for a romantic getaway with your significant other. Enjoy some of the most beautiful places in Europe cladded in snow and marvel at the beauty of winter in this Top list of the most romantic cities.

Colder weather, ok, BUT …
Sure, the weather is cold, it can be snowy, maybe even rainy.

And still, there are many events happening during European winter you can enjoy.
✔ Christmas Markets
✔ New years Eve (obviously…)
✔ Carnival
✔ Music festivals
✔ Nightlife

The prices are down and the hostels are cheaper than ever before.

Interlaken, Switzerland (Winter sports and 5% hostel discount!)
Action packed and beautiful nature to soak in.
We enjoyed hiking, paragliding, kayaking on the lake. That’s more something for the warmer months. We even went up the famous Schilthorn, known from a James Bond movie.
Here is a list on top things to do:
✔ Snowboarding
✔ Skiing
✔ Balancer slope glider
✔ Bungee Jumping (even in winter!)
✔ Kayaking
✔ Schilthorn
✔ Jungfraujoch

Prague (romantic + nightlife)
The city of Prague is obviously different depending on the time of year.
We had the chance to enjoy both seasonal times and in winter it was freezing cold, very romantic and less crowded.
Things to do:
✔ Castle Tour
✔ Ghost Tours with Pub Crawl
✔ Dinner Cruise on the river
✔ Visit the Jewish Quarter
✔ Get lost in the old town
✔ Wander the Charles Bridge
✔ Take a selfie with the John Lennon wall

Budapest (Romantic City Break)
Dive into the past and have a magical experience in a stunning city. Amazing architecture, quaint cobbled streets, amazing food and vibrant culture make up the ingredients of a romantic journey you will never forget.
Party and Fiesta! But also perfect for a romantic city break.
Budapest is known for its great nightlife, beautiful architecture, and the numerous spa’s across the city. The first time we visited Budapest was in February and we had the best time!
Things to do
We even went to Szechenyi Spa, the biggest outdoor spa in Budapest. Although there was snow everywhere, we had great fun jumping from one hot tub to another.
✔ You can get your tickets for the outdoor spa here.
✔ You can even get a skip-the-line ticket for the spa.
✔ We visited the Museum of Terror, had a drink at rural bars and got lost in the famous nightlife.
✔ Make sure you join a pub crawl as well! It’s only 15€.

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Porto in Portugal
Porto is more preferred as a summer destination, but still in winter you can come here and have a blast.
In general Porto is not an expensive destination, and you can have a great night out for a mere couple of dollars or Euros.
What about a Fado concert in a wine cellar? Or maybe you just wanna enjoy to the food.

Berlin (Christmas and Snow)
We love to think about Berlin in winter.
Sure, most of the people prefer the summer sitting in a beer garden surrounded by green parks, but a white Berlin is beautiful as well.
Snow and winter is without doubt a significant part of the German culture. And hey, have you ever heard about German Christmas Markets?
Things to do;
✔ In our travel guide to Berlin we show you also 5 Insider tips Berlin you cannot miss!
✔ Also, there are many activities and tours around the city, like history walking tours, food tours and museums.
✔ Also, there are free things you can do in Berlin.
✔ Did you know that visiting the City Hall is free of charge?

Venice (Romantic City Break)
I would recommend to stay at least 2 nights here and if you can better 3. This way you have really the time to get lost, taste Venice, take photos and “get bored”.
Get bored, meaning to just wander around, get lost, intent to find the way, get lost again and so on.

Andorra (for winter sport and hiking)
This one is quite obvious? Okay, for Europeans maybe.
Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and the location is unique.
Hiding on top of the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain, this makes it THE top location in winter to go snowboarding and skiing.

Bologna (Foodie-paradise and hidden gem)
We love Bologna, and we cannot express this enough. It’s a serious hidden gem, and culinary capital of Italy.
The good thing: As Bologna is half-way to Venice and Florence, nobody really stops here.

Bergen in Norway (landscape and culture)
Same goes for Bergen! Bergen is known for its precious natural surroundings which can be enjoyed in particular during a long winter hike.
Good, reliable winter clothing is a must of course.

Zagreb in Croatia (landscape and cheap!)
Are you surprised to read Zagreb here? As Zagreb is located in the inner part of Croatia it is the perfect city break during winter.
The bars, cafés, and restaurants are still open, the city is less crowded from the tourist point of view, but the student life is still vibrant and the Christmas Markets in Zagreb is super popular and gorgeous to visit.

Munich (Taverns and Castles)
Same goes for Munich! Sure, those beer gardens have their charm, but winter is part of the culture. The prices for accommodation are lower than in summer and there is still a lot to see and to do during the winter period.
The prices for accommodation are lower than in summer and there is still a lot to see and to do during the winter period.

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Barcelona (warm during the day, Romantic)
Have you been to Barcelona during July or August?
If not: It is super crowded!
The old town is chock with tourists, the prices are high and the sun is scorching hot.
Even our favorite super local hidden-gem winery is now packed with tourists.
If you have a chance to stop by during the colder months, do it.

Ghent, Belgium (Hipster Capital)
The new hipster paradise Ghent is a travel destination for the smart traveler. Winter can be tough in Ghent, and it is part of the culture in Belgium.
It is the perfect excuse to visit Ghent and Belgium, and to warm up with delicious Belgium beers at the different bars within the city and across the country.

Rhodes, Greece (avoid 2 million tourists!)
Comparing to summer, where 2 million tourist arrive in Rhodes, the winter is a much more relaxed time of the year.
Rhodes is not a very known winter destination even though the weather is much better than in other destination known for winter tourism like Mallorca, Menorca, or the Canary islands.
With an average of 300 sunny days, even in winter it is sunny most of the time.

Marrakesh and Taghazout – is that Europe?!
Fair enough: Morocco is located in Africa … but it is close to Spain and very easy and cheap to get to.
During the European winter, Marrakesh is still warm. The city is cheap and a paradise for the budget traveler.
If you cannot stay in Marrakesh for longer than 1-2 days, well, there is always Taghazout and Essaouira. Essaouira is located right next to the beach. It is a tiny town, surrounded by thick walls. It is really beautiful to visit, very safe and great to wander and unwind. Other than Marrakesh which can be stressful.

Rome in Italy
Italy’s bustling capital is beautiful all year round but during the winter you have the chance to indulge in pure Italian romance without hordes of tourists or exhausting temperatures.

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Vienna, a city with unique artistic and intellectual legacy, architecture and rich history offers an amazing spectacle covered in snow. Don’t miss the chance to walk its romantic, picturesque streets.

Beautiful renaissance castles, the stunning Nyhavn Canal and a touch of fairy tails with Tivoli Gardens and the little mermaid, Denmark’s beautiful capital offers you the romantic feeling you want!

Amsterdam and freedom
One of the most picturesque European cities, Amsterdam has a lot to offer, especially near Christmass time with all the lights and decorations. Enjoy its beautiful streets and enchanting canals with your significant other.

Rhine valley
An amazing UNESCO world heritage site, Rhine valley is dotted with stunning castles and small, picturesque towns. The perfect place to dive deep into medeival romance and an ideal place for couples.

With its unique gothic architecture, world renowned wines and rich, vibrant culutre, Portugal’s second largest city is a must-see for all couples.

Norway’s capital with its rich history, picturesque streets and many interesting sites is even more beautiful during the winter. Grab the chance to also visit the great Norwegian outdoors from Oslo and enjoy a unique experience.

An otherworldly, beautiful city that is even more magical during the winter, with the snow and the Christmas lights. Stunning medieval castles and churches, small lakes and rivers and a diverse, rich culture is what make the nestled in the Alps city a must visit for all couples.

Paris and love
The city of love has all that is needed for an unforgettable rendez-vous that fits any couple’s definition of romance. The Versailles, les Champs Elysees, the Eiffel tower, Notre dame and so many more uniquely beautiful landmarks, accompanied by world class cuisine and the feeling of love and romance lingering all around, will forever carve this city in your hearts.

Parties and Festivals in Europe during Winter:
You can find many European Festivals during Winter here.
Also, there are many other public festivals across Europe such as the Light Festival in Amsterdam, the snow and ice sculpture festival in Bruges and more cool European Festivals you can find here.
✔ Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain
✔ St. Patrick’s Day – basically all Europe but the main festival of Saint Patrick’s Day takes place in Dublin (Guide to the 3 best hostels in Dublin)
✔ Strong Beer Festival in Munich
✔ Carnival – basically all Europe
✔ Christmas Markets – especially in Germany, Czech Republic, France, Poland, and Belgium

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