North America places to go for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Top 10 North America places to go for Valentine’s Day – 2011
1. New York City – New York is a great city to celebrate your love. It can be highly cold in February. You can easily dine out there you can make a reservation before going there.

2. Montreal – Montreal, Quebec is French -Canadian city where you can feel the taste of Europe. It is a truly romantic city where you can spend your time with your loved one.

3. Stowe – Stowe, Vermont is another place that is ideal for your honeymoon, plus you will be surrounding yourself with exquisite scenery that you will love.

4. Banff – Banff, Alberta is another awesome place with Rocky Mountains plus a Ski Village for window shopping and snacking.

5. Laguna Beach – Laguna Beach, California is one of the best places for weekend especially in February. You can enjoy your time out of the crowd.

6. Flagstaff – Flagstaff, Arizona is a place surrounded by forests and fresh mountain air, all you have to do is to pack your bags and get ready for this place.

7. Santa Fe – Santa Fe, New Mexico, explore this beautiful city with your loved one, getting to know the Spanish and European influences.

8. Key West – Key West, Florida, spend a day with long walks under the palm trees. A totally awesome place to go.

9. Savannah – Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful place with mansions and Museums that will bring sweetness to your relationship with your love.

10. Montego Bay – Montego Bay, Jamaica is a place to heat up your love and relationship. Spend your time golfing, swimming and soaking up in the sun. of course with perfect evenings.

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