Most Luxurious Hotels in Switzerland

Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina

Most Luxurious Hotels in Switzerland Discover the best luxury hotels in Switzerland Switzerland is amongst the most picturesque countries in the world. The incredible mountain ranges, green foliage on the foothills and wonderful lakes and greeneries can make your holiday experience memorable for the lifetime. Switzerland is awash with so many five-star, luxury hotels that it can be hard to know which to choose. To help you relax and enjoy your Alpine getaway we’ve put together a list of the most luxurious hotels that you’ll find. There are many Switzerland…

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Fairytale in Germany: 10 Enchanting Castles You Can Stay In


Fairytale in Germany: 10 Enchanting Castles You Can Stay In Nestled in beautiful landscapes, there are over twenty thousand castles which overlook valleys, mountains, and the river Rhine. The abundance of these grand fortresses is a result of Germany’s historic geographical split into states, seeing many battles and feuds amongst them. The castles tend to be situated in isolated countryside, and boast uninterrupted views in addition to layered histories. Generous in romantic sensibilities and fairy-tale like qualities, it is no wonder stories such as the Sleeping Beauty were set in…

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