Seven 7-Star Hotels – the World’s Most Luxurious Hotels

The Flower of the East, Iran

Seven 7-Star Hotels – the World’s Most Luxurious Hotels
With the announcement of Europe’s first six star service hotel and residential resort Palacio da Quinta on the Portuguese Algarve a couple of days back, we set out to discover some more tasty accommodation morsels to show you what living in true luxury really means if you like to travel (and rest) in style.

It seems that five star hotels are no longer the norm when it comes to bedding our heads for the night. These days it is caviar, personal butlers and Bentley that are on the menu of savvy and wealthy globetrotters.

Town House Galleria
First up is the seven star luxurious Town House Galleria in Milan, Italy. Located in the heart of the city, this fairly new hotel offers prestige living and a service menu that will gain you immediate entry into waiting lists that are as long as the green mile.

Offering a personal butler, Bentley and only the best in food and drink, Town House Galleria will make all wishes come true while you stay in Milan. Whether you need tickets to Da Vinci’s Last Supper, get entry to the hottest restaurant in town or need a rare import, it can all be arranged for you and seemingly fast if some reports are to go by.

Burj Al Arab Hotel
Dubai’s seven star Burj Al Arab Hotel has long become a synonym for grandeur, class and style. Offering limousine service, private transfer for all guests via private golf cart, private butler service and just about anything else that is being associated with luxury, the Burj Al Arab Hotel is located in the premier Jumeirah Beach area of Dubai.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi
The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi was named the worlds finest hotel in the middle east in 2007. Featuring some out of this world indulgence, staying in this hotel would be like stepping into thousand and one night.

Huge plush pillows, plasma TV, private butler service, laptops in each room, wireless Internet, private check in and much more will delight visitors to this splendid seven star hotel.

There are several more planned high prestige hotels in various stages of development. Whilst some are scheduled to be completed next month other are not likely to see the light of the day till 2010.

Morgan Plaza Beijing
The Morgan Plaza is a super-luxury 7 star hotel under construction in Beijing, China. Although it was set to be finished last month’s, there has been no official confirmation of it completion yet but it definitely going to be completed in time for the Beijing Olympics. When completed it is rumoured to be possibly more luxurious than the Burj Al Arab and has been considered to be the official landmark of China, still in competition with the Shanghai World Financial Center.

The plaza will contain two pavilions, a temple, the world’s best Japanese restaurant and a 600 meter long corridor.

Centaurus Hotel Islamabad The $350 million, 7-Star Centaurus Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan will help to put this country on the map for international travellers once the project is completed around 2010.

Tameer Towers Abu Dhabi Tameer Towers in Abu Dhabi is set to complete in 2011 and will incorporate a luxurious seven star hotel.

The Flower of the East, Iran
Resembling a Flower as its name suggest, the luxury Persian seven-star hotel, “The flower of the East” is located on Kish Island in Iran and is due to be completed by 2010.
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