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Have you ever dreamed of spending lazy days by the deep blue ocean, bright sun shining down, stretched out on the softest white sand you can imagine? If so, Fiji is certainly a top island destination for your luxury holiday. The nation actually consists of 330 islands, spread out in a glorious chain of indulgence through the South Pacific. Only 100 of Fiji’s islands are inhabited. The few uninhabited islands that also contain luxury resorts can help you make all of your dreams for your holiday come to life.

Fiji’s beautiful scenery is the picture perfect stereotype of a deserted island. Palm trees wave invitingly in the warm ocean breeze atop a soft, white sandy shore. The islands’ interiors are full of lush jungles, with hidden waterfalls, big bright flowers, and undiscovered clearings. The rainforests are not to be overlooked; you might kayak through white water rapids or visit a local village to watch and participate in ceremonies hundreds of years old. Both are experiences well worth seizing while you have the opportunity.

Groups of islands vary in temperature and scenery depending on their location, with different shades of lagoons, rugged and smooth coastlines, and fascinating varieties of flora and fauna. Northern Fiji boasts pristine coral reefs, making it the perfect destination for the adventurous scuba diver. It’s also slightly damper, leading to a more humid climate and slightly more frequent rainfalls throughout the year. Southern Fiji is hotter but drier, which lessens much of the impact of the heat and provides perfect weather for lounging by the beach.

Luxury resorts in Fiji generally consist of a group of bures, like Viwa Island Resort does. Bures look traditional, constructed of wood with thatched roofs, but have all the conveniences you’ll want from your holiday, with large balconies, ocean views, outdoor showers, air conditioning, and king size beds. They’re all located right near the white sandy beach, where you might choose to relax in a hammock or play beach volleyball or boules. You’ll also have the chance to learn an eclectic variety of cultural activities, like weaving and coconut husking, and you might want to head to a nearby village to greet the chief and watch traditional greeting ceremonies.

For the truly wealthy, the island paradise of Wadigi is available for your exclusive use. This tiny 3 acre island is uninhabited aside from you and your island staff. There are 3 suites for a maximum of 6 people on the island at once, but you can easily ensure that it is yours alone if you’re looking for the ultimate romantic paradise. Each suite offers an uninterrupted view of the ocean and an extensive sundeck for relaxation. The main living room boasts plenty to keep you occupied, with DVDs, CDs, magazines, a television, and a choice of board games. You’ll have your own butler, cooks, and masseuse to attend to your every need.

The island is truly your paradise; you can cover all of its three acres in any way that you wish. Hiking, waterskiing, windersurfing, glass bottom kayaking, snorkelling, or fishing; any way you want to spend your days is completely open to you. Your gourmet meals will be cooked to your preferences and specifications by the chefs and enhanced by carefully chosen fine wines from the island’s extensive wine cellar. If you’d like anything else during the day, your hosts are prepared to serve you drinks and snacks whenever you would like, so you won’t have to lift a finger throughout your holiday unless you really want to.

If you’ve ever imagined yourself on a deserted island, Lost style, then a holiday in Fiji is surely the choice for you.

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