Why Go to Istanbul

galata tower istanbul

Bridging East and West – Europe and Asia – Istanbul possesses a richly complicated heritage. Once the capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, this city’s prestigious history has left us with many monuments to cherish. Plus, it integrates its past and present to create a unique mix of architecture; a glass skyscraper next to a Byzantine church or a colorful bazaar in the shadow of a shopping mall. The natural landscape is also impressive. The Bosphorus, a narrow strait, cuts the city in two and connects the Sea of…

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Top Luxury Island Holidays – Fiji


Have you ever dreamed of spending lazy days by the deep blue ocean, bright sun shining down, stretched out on the softest white sand you can imagine? If so, Fiji is certainly a top island destination for your luxury holiday. The nation actually consists of 330 islands, spread out in a glorious chain of indulgence through the South Pacific. Only 100 of Fiji’s islands are inhabited. The few uninhabited islands that also contain luxury resorts can help you make all of your dreams for your holiday come to life. Fiji’s…

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Asia Pacific Tourism Industry

pacific palm

Over the last decade, the Asia Pacific region has been the fastest growing tourism region in the world, Tourism is one of the most important sectors in a large number of Asia Pacific countries. Increases in economic growth, disposable income and leisure time, political stability, and aggressive tourism campaigns, among other factors, have fueled the significant growth of tourism. This paper reviews the growth and development of the tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region. The future outlook is bright for the tourism sector, and the region is expected to…

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