Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tower of Pisa, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Bell Tower of Pisa

Tower of Pisa quick facts: → Name: Tower of Pisa, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Bell Tower of Pisa → Italian Name: Torre Pendente di Pisa → Location: City of Pisa, Italy. → Accommodation: Find Hotels in Pisa → Construction Year: started in 1173, finished in 1399 → Original Height: 60 m → Actual Height: 56.67m =highest side; 55,86m =lowest side → Stairs: 251 steps → Weight: 14,500 tonnes Leaning Tower of Pisa General Info: The Tower of Pisa is located next to the Cathedral of Pisa, in Piazza dei Miracoli…

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Why Go to Paris


The City of Light draws millions of visitors every year with its unforgettable ambiance. Of course, the divine cuisine and vast art collections deserve some of the credit as well. The gentle River Seine rambles through the city, flanked by stately museums, centuries-old churches, and blocks of Rococo- and Neoclassic-design architecture, further enhanced by cascading trees and glowing streetlamps. Peppering the Seine’s cobbled walks and graceful bridges are impossibly chic Parisians, probably on their way to the market, cafe or cinema. Containing world-class museums, fashion, cuisine and an atmosphere all…

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Why Go to London


The English writer Samuel Johnson famously said, “You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” More than two centuries have passed since Johnson’s era, but his words still ring true. Life in London is nothing short of invigorating, and travelers find that one visit isn’t enough to experience everything this two-millennia-old city has to offer. Here, the antiquated clasps hands with…

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Why Go to Porto


Porto has long been a hot destination for wine lovers – it’s the go-to place to find the best of that sweet, tasty port wine. But this city by the sea has more to offer than vinho. Porto (or Oporto, as it’s sometimes called) is an attractive European mini-metropolis on Portugal’s northwestern coast where travelers can get their fill of culture and the outdoors. Travelers can visit the city’s wealth of museums, admire its varied architecture and, of course, hit the beach. The city earns its nickname Cidade das Pontes,…

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Why Go to Istanbul

galata tower istanbul

Bridging East and West – Europe and Asia – Istanbul possesses a richly complicated heritage. Once the capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, this city’s prestigious history has left us with many monuments to cherish. Plus, it integrates its past and present to create a unique mix of architecture; a glass skyscraper next to a Byzantine church or a colorful bazaar in the shadow of a shopping mall. The natural landscape is also impressive. The Bosphorus, a narrow strait, cuts the city in two and connects the Sea of…

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Why Go to Rome

Tower of Pisa

Rome, the city of seven hills, enjoyed a mythic beginning. Romulus and Remus — twin brothers who were nursed by a she-wolf and fathered by a war god — reportedly founded the Eternal City. And although historians are a little skeptical about this epic entry into the world, most travelers are absolutely certain that there is something magical about Rome. Whether it’s the mystery of nearby Vatican City or the ghosts of the Colosseum, an afternoon caffè on Piazza Navona or a piled-high plate of pasta at a trattoria, Roma…

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About Nigeria

Nigeria nature matsiga falls

expensivehotels.org brings to you latest update on some of the most expensive Hotels in Nigeria. We will definitely give you more updates later. Meanwhile, see what it costs per night to be in some of these hotels. Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic comprising 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The country is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast…

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Best Honeymoon Destinations


10 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World – 2011 Honeymoon is the traditional holidays taken up newlywed couple. Now, I would directly like to go on to the top 10 list without wasting any time on the intro as you all might be knowing about this already. Girls! Don’t let your husband get out of this top ten list under any circumstances.. This is your only chance… 10. Italy – 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World Italy has been one of the best honeymoon place in Europe and lovers,…

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Best Islands For Vacation

Galapagos Island

10 Best Islands For Vacation in 2011 Like me everyone dreams for a perfect dream vacation where you can relax yourself with the endless beauty of nature, and the place where you can enjoy your vacations with your family, To make this dream come true we had generated a list of top 10 world’s best islands where you can go for a vacation. 10. Aruba – 10 Best Islands For Vacation in 2011 It is located off the coast of Venezuela, it is the place where you can go with…

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Most Beautiful Beaches

Horseshoe Bay

10 Most Beautiful Beaches For Beach Vacation In 2011 Beaches are the most attractive places one always wants to visit, Beaches are also one of most ideal places to spend vacation with family specially in spring and summer, the water touching your feet makes you feel like you are in heaven, the sunbathing and enjoying the waves are a perfect thing to do for relaxing yourself from the daily fast and boring routine. So, for you guys here we have this list about the top 10 most beautiful beaches you…

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